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Gaming portal takes you to the Microsoft Xbox 360

It had been known for some time that Microsoft were developing a follow-up to their Xbox console, believed to be called the "Xbox 2". On Thursday March 12th 2005, Microsoft officially unveiled this console, known as the "Xbox 360", on a half-hour TV special screened on MTV, however, some of the 200 people who attended the taping of the program, a week earlier, leaked images and specs of the console onto the web prior to the official unveiling.

The Xbox 360 is said to have exceeded many people's expectations, with its extremely realistic, "movie-like" graphics. The console also features a 20GB hard drive and 3 processors enabling high definition graphics and surround sound.

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Game Title
Space Dungeon
Language: N/A
Space Invaders
Language: N/A
Language: N/A
Sport Goofy
Language: N/A
Star Raiders
Language: N/A
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator
Language: N/A
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle
Language: N/A
Star Wars: The Arcade Game
Language: N/A
Language: N/A
Super Breakout
Language: N/A
Super Cobra
Language: N/A
Super Pac-Man
Language: N/A

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