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Gaming portal takes you to the Microsoft Xbox

The Xbox marked Microsoft's entry into the world of video game consoles in 2001. The North American release was November 15th 2001, the Japanese release was February 22nd 2002 and the Australian/New Zealand/European release was March 14th 2002. With their experience with computers, they made a super consoles using many computer elements. Some people said it was too much like a computer.

The console features an Intel 733 MHz CPU, a much higher speed than other 128-bit consoles. It also has four controller ports, a front-loading DVD tray, Ethernet port (for online gaming) and a 8GB hard drive. The hard drive is an excellent idea. The Sega Saturn had one, but it wasn't very big. Other consoles relied on memory cards (Xbox still has these as well) which must be bought separately and can be expensive.

The console has the green, glowing "jewel" logo. This was originally going to be used on the controllers as well but the idea was scrapped. The controller is similar to the Sega Dreamcast layout and has built-in rumble feature (quite bulky as well).

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